In Current Issue: June 2017


The Four Levels of Financial Regulation
Existing methods for monitoring risk in financial markets can be enhanced through greater use 
of independent verification and testing.

By John Lawton and Steve Greska
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Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be: 
On CCPs and Banks
Capital standards developed for the banking industry are not well suited for the unique risk profiles of central counterparties.

By Robert Cox and Robert Steigerwald
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Standardized Stress Testing for CCPs
Disclosing the results of stress tests can help clearing members make meaningful comparisons among central counterparties.

By Dennis McLaughlin and Nicholas Lincoln
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Best Practices in Customer Margin Standards
Gross margining and strict segregation of customer margin are two examples of the practices used by clearinghouses to manage the risks associated with clearing member defaults.

By Sean Downey and Suzanne Sprague
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Managing a Default: The Eurex Clearing Approach
A detailed look at the lines of defense at Eurex Clearing shows how clearinghouses are prepared to manage the default of a clearing member without disrupting the markets.

By Teo Floor
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Beyond the Waterfall: Essential Elements of a Clearinghouse Recovery Plan
Auctions, assessments, haircuts and tear-ups can be used to restore a balanced position in case a default overwhelms a clearinghouse's guaranty fund.

By Scott Hill
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Fintech Trends: The Challenges of Turning Innovation into Application
This year’s FIA Boca put a special emphasis on emerging technologies. Executives from venture capital companies and technology providers shared their perspectives on the growth of fintech startups, the challenges to adopting new technologies, and the potential impact on business models.

By Will Acworth
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Cooking with Gas
As the LNG Market Grows, Exchanges See Opportunity for New Products
Several exchanges are looking at ways to capitalize on the structural changes in the global market for liquified natural gas.

By Bennett Voyles
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